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Mortgage Brokers and Bankers - Forms
Certain forms are now available on this site in two formats - the traditional and the new fill-in format.
  Traditional Form: A traditional type form must be printed off the computer, typed and mailed, along with other required documentation, if any.
  Fill-in Form: The fill-in form maybe completed on screen, printed off and mailed. (These forms cannot be returned to this Office via the computer, but must be printed off and mailed.)

Instructions for fill-in form: 

To complete a fill-in form, tab between the gray boxes inserting the requested information in each.  Some gray boxes have drop-down menus, which provide a choice of answers.  Other boxes require the answer to be typed in.

  Once the form is complete, print it off and mail to this Office, along with other required documentation, if any.  

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  Residential Mortgage License Act (205 ILCS 635 1-1) X
  Rules - Residential Mortgage License Act of 1987 (38-1050) X
  Application for Duplicate License X
  Lost License Affidavit X
  Averments X
  Fee Schedule X
X Illinois State Police Form X
  Illinois Surety Bond Requirements (NEW) X
  Residential Mortgage License Bond X
  Exempt Entity Bond X
  Mortgage Industry Education Fact Sheet X
  Reissuance of Regulatory Bulletin JS 93/1 of December 1993 Concerning Rate Lock-Ins and Good Faith Estimates X
  Repurchase Demand Reports
(Fill-In Versions require MS Word)
  Repurchase Demand Form Instructions X
X Repurchase Demand Form X

Annual Activity Forms and Instructions
(Fill-In Versions for Annual Activity Forms require MS Word)

Note: Licensees who broker or fund Illinois residential mortgage loans may instead file the NMLS quarterly Mortgage Call Reports.

Licensees who service or purchase Illinois residential mortgage loans must continue to file the Purchasing and Servicing Activity Annual Reports listed below, and must fulfill related NMLS requirements as well.

X Report of Mortgage Activity (Click here for sample) X
X Report of Brokerage Activity (Click here for sample) X
X Report of Servicing Activity (Click here for sample) X
  Mortgage Activity Instructions X
  Brokerage Activity Instructions X
  Servicing Activity Instructions X
X Mortgage Activity Attestation Affidavit X
X Brokerage Activity Attestation Affidavit X
X Servicing Activity Attestation Affidavit X
X Purchasing Activity Report and Attestation Affidavit X
  6-2 X
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