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Bryan A. Schneider, Secretary  
Bruce Rauner, Governor
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Bureau of Residential Finance - Management Team

Bureau's Management Team

Kyle Krapf
Director, Mortgage Banking Licensing
(312) 793-4187
Teresa Sheley
Manager of Special Initiatives, Acting
(217) 557-1320
Alan Anderson
Senior Counsel, Mortgage Banking
(312) 793-1419
Lorelei Botner-Abrams
Loan Origination Attorney
(312) 793-3680
Belinda Pinela
Loan Origination Manager
(312) 793-7207
Mikael Garvin
Examination Manager
(312) 793-8736
Susan Hines
Administrative Compliance Manager
(312) 793-1529
Ira Tangy
Director, Residential Real Property Program
(312) 793-4532
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