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Currency Exchange Annual Report Filing

Welcome Illinois Currency Exchanges

Please click HERE to view and/or print the instructions for completing your annual report.

We recommend you print the instructions to guide you through your annual report and also serve as a reference.

Please click HERE to print out the blank Annual Report form to fill out during your calculations. After you have filled out the form, you can click on the link below to start the Annual Report application and entering the data from the form you have completed.  Please use this blank form only to assist you in completing the annual report online.

Please click HERE to start the Annual Report.  After the annual report has been completed, you can view/print it.

PLEASE NOTE: To ease the navigation of the application, a drop down box with the links to the other pages in the application has been added to the pages to allow you to follow a non linear progression of the Annual Report.
When you finalize the Annual Report, a new link will appear in the dropdown box on the pages to view/print the completed report.

When you view the final report, there is a button (on the toolbar by the "refresh" and "print" buttons) that you can export the report to Excel, PDF, or Word.

The Currency Exchange Annual Report is due on or before March 1st.

If you need further assistance in completing the Annual Report, please contact the Currency Exchange Section of the

Division of Financial Institutions at the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation at:

Phone Number: (312) 814-5153.
Email Address:

PLEASE NOTE: The annual report is not available pending maintenance.

Attention Accountants!: The Accountant's email address is required for this application for email notification purposes. If the company is not using an accoutant to complete the Currency Exchange Annual Report, please have the processor provide a valid email address for email notification.

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