Board of Athletic Trainers

The Illinois Board of Athletic Trainers was created in 1985. The Board is made up of seven members

appointed by the Secretary, consisting of four licensed athletic trainers, two licensed physicians and

one public member. Beginning in January 1996, the Athletic Trainers Practice Act was revised to

provide full licensure rather than title protection registration. An athletic trainer is one who, upon the

direction of the team physician or consulting physician, carries out the practice of prevention/

emergency care and/or physical reconditioning of injuries incurred by athletes participating in an

athletic program. The Board is charged with providing expert knowledge and advice on disciplinary

matters and professional performance and conduct.

Aaron L. Clark Quincy

Jessica Dermody Higgs M.D. Dunlap

Brant D. Hulsebus D.C. Rockford

Renee L. Polubinsky Ed.D. Macomb

* Daniel A. Stephens Collinsville

* Chairperson

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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