Landscape Architect Registration Board

The Illinois Landscape Architecture Act was signed into law in 1989. Landscape architecture is

the furnishing of professional services in connection with a landscape architecture project

including providing preliminary studies, developing design concepts, planning for the

relationships of physical improvements and intended uses of the site, etc., which are exclusive of

any building or structure and do not require the seal of an engineer or architect. The Board is

composed of five persons appointed by the Secretary, consisting of four licensed landscape

architects and one member of the public. The Board is charged with providing expert knowledge

and advice on disciplinary matters and professional performance and conduct.

John R. Cook III Belvidere

M. Elen Deming D.Des. Urbana

Bryan J. Eastman Wheaton

* Sue Massie Springfield

Louisea Storey Ph.D., Public Member Chicago

* Chairperson

Last Updated: August 3, 2015

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