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Appraiser Disciplines - 1995

Parker Moyer, Rockford - Case Number: 1994-04794 -- 01 25 1996 Discipline: $5,000 Fine; 1 Year Probation Violation: Signed an appraisal report containing obvious errors which was developed and prepared by an associate appraiser over the signature of Respondent, without disclosure of the significant contribution of the associate appraiser; and, that Respondent's practice of not disclosing the significant contribution of others had been an ongoing practice which represented a violation of the Ethics Provision of the USPAP.

Paul Potter, Lena - Case Number:1994-05357 -- 02 28 1996 Discipline: $500 Fine; Reprimand Violation: Failed to properly identify appraiser license number; did not consider existing "for sale" listing and offer to purchase; and, used techniques and methods that had no direct relationship to the market which resulted in a misleading appraisal report.

Patrick Sherman, Wauconda - Case Number: 1994-06033 -- 03 05 1996 Discipline: $500 Fine; Reprimand; Education Require Violation: Ignored, rejected or failed to discover datament which may have provided a lower value indicator for subject property which resulted in a misleading report.

Betty Elliott, DeKalb - Case Number: 1994-05899 -- 03 14 1996 Discipline: Indefinite Suspension; $1,000 Fine due upon applying for reinstatement or new license; shall not practice during suspension Violation: Completed a careless application of the appraisal process by failing to apply methods and techniques necessary to produce a creditable appraisal.

E. H. Smith, Springfield - Case Number: 1996-0004105 15 1996 Discipline: $300 Fine; Reprimand Violation: Developed and reported appraisals using a license number and State title which was in a non-renewed status.

Charles Krantz, Belleville - Case Number: 1995-0416705 15 1996 Discipline: $100 Fine; Reprimand; Education Requirement Violation: Included discriminating phrases as part of the description of the neighborhood in an appraisal report.

Betty Wenzel, Lamoille - Case Number: 1994-07225 -- 05 15 1996 Discipline: Surrendered 153 License; issued 156 with Reprimand; cannot apply for 153 for 12 Months; $1,000 Fine; and prior to upgrade-25% of Experience Audit; Education Requirement Violation: Experience appraisals submitted with application for Certified General Real Estate Appraiser did not comply with acceptable Standards, and were misleading in that the clients indicated in the appraisals were not aware of appraisal development and reports.

Mark Janko, Peru - Case Number: 1994-07225 -- 05 15 1996 Discipline: $1,000 Fine; Reprimand; Education Requirement; Violation: Failed to disclose interest in subject property and personal relationship with the parties of the transaction.

David Lauschke, Alton - Case Number: 1996-00035 -- 07 03 1996 Discipline: $500 Fine; Surrendered Certified General/Issued Certified Residential with Reprimand; Education Requirement Violation: Developed and reported appraisal in violation of USPAP Standards 1 and 2 and the Ethics Provision.

Robert Banks, Bartlett - Case Number: 1995-02187 -- 09 26 1996 Discipline: Revocation of License Violation: Altered appraisal report requested for investigation; and, accepted contingent appraisal fees.

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