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Military Family Licensing Act

On June 26, 2012, Governor Pat Quinn signed the Military Family Licensing Act (please see section 5/5-715 near bottom).  From the standpoint of DFPR’s licensees and applicants, this new law, which took effect on January 1, 2013, has two major components.

First, it entitles members of the military who have served on active duty within the preceding two years and their spouses or civil union partners to receive an expedited temporary license so long as they are licensed in another state and meet other criteria, and second, it allows DFPR to review and consider certain military training and experience towards the training and experience required to obtain a particular license.

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To apply for the expedited military permit, please be advised that you must submit the completed application, including the 4-page application jacket; the required supporting documentation and the fee for the profession for which you are applying AND the temporary military permit (TP-MIL) form, $25 fee and proof of military service.  See instructions for detailed information.

Please click here to download and printout the temporary military permit (TP-MIL) and instructions.  You will then need to click here to access ‘Select a Profession Title to View’ to select your specific profession application instructions and forms.

Homeowner Protections for Military Families
Governor Quinn Signs Illinois Military Family Licensing Act with First Lady Michelle Obama
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