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The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation news page provides access to the department's news and press releases. State of Illinois

 2006 News Releases
12/11/2006 Division of Banking November 2006 Regulatory Report Available
12/08/2006 Gov. Blagojevich announces grants to help nurse educators continue teaching
12/06/2006 Division of Insurance October - November Discipline Report Available
11/29/2006 Professional Regulation October 2006 Disciplinary Report Available
11/20/2006 Department Seeks Input on Predatory Lending Law
11/14/2006 Gov. Blagojevich urges Illinois seniors to apply for Illinois' wrap-around prescription drug coverage
11/14/2006 Division of Banking October 2006 Regulatory Report Available
11/03/2006 Governor announces results of increased crackdown on unlicensed mortgage loan originators
10/31/2006 Gov. Blagojevich's payday lending reforms save Illinois Borrowers $6.4 million
10/31/2006 Professional Regulation September 2006 Disciplinary Report Available
10/12/2006 Medical Malpractice Rate Increase Hearing Scheduled for November 30, 2006 with National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA
10/06/2006 Division of Insurance Discipline Report Available
10/04/2006 Division of Banking September 2006 Regulatory Report Available
09/30/2006 Chicago Dentist Loses License
09/29/2006 Important Notice Regarding Out-of-State Certified Public Accountants
09/26/2006 Professional Regulation August 2006 Discipline Report Available
09/26/2006 Insurance Producer's Upcoming Flood Insurance and FAIR Seminars (7 CE Credits)
09/26/2006 Blagojevich's Administration Suspends License of Dependable Locksmith for False License Information
09/25/2006 Insurance Fraud Results in License Revocation
09/18/2006 Medical Malpractice Rate Increase Hearing Scheduled for November 15, 2006, with Chicago Insurance Company
09/18/2006 Medical Malpractice Rate Increase Hearing Scheduled for November 14, 2006 with Cincinnati Insurance Company
09/14/2006 Medical Malpractice Rate Increase Hearing Scheduled for September 27, 2006 with Ace American Insurance Company
09/08/2006 Illinois Regulators Suspends License of St. Clair County Physician
09/07/2006 Gov. Blagojevich calls on Congress to pass federal payday lending protections for Military Personnel; Files new state rules increasing protections for Illinois servicemembers
09/05/2006 Central Illinois Loan Stores Fined for Unlicensed Activity
09/05/2006 Division of Banking August 2006 Regulatory Report Available
08/31/2006 Price Line Locksmith License Suspended
08/31/2006 Professional Regulation July 2006 Discipline Report Available
08/22/2006 Registered Certified Public Accountant Application now available online
08/22/2006 State Seeking Candidates for Nursing Center Advisory Board
08/21/2006 2005 Insurance Complaint Report Released
08/10/2006 Division of Banking July 2006 Regulatory Report Available
08/04/2006 Blagojevich Announces Major Insurance Fraud Settlement Making Thousands of Service Men and Women in Illinois Eligible for Monetary Relief
08/04/2006 Blagojevich Announces Shutdown of Major Mortgage Rescue Scam
08/03/2006 Department Suspends License of peoria Chiropractor
08/02/2006 Professional Regulation June 2006 Discipline Report Available
07/28/2006 Department Suspends License of Chicago-area Podiatrist
07/27/2006 Declaration of Inception Concerning the Predatory Lending Database
07/06/2006 Blagojevich Administration and Attorney General Madigan File Simultaneous Enforcement Actions against Payday Lender
07/06/2006 Division of Banking June 2006 Regulatory Report Available
07/06/2006 Division of Insuarance - Medical Malpractice Insurer Data [215 ILCS 5/1204 (c-5), PA.94-0677)]
07/05/2006 Blagojevich Administration orders Workers' Compensation Refunds or Credits for Illinois Companies
06/30/2006 Professional Regulation May 2006 Discipline Report Available
06/27/2006 Gov. Blagojevich signs laws to make sure medicines on pharmacy shelves are safe
06/23/2006 Real Estate Disciplines Available for January - May 2006
06/09/2006 Division of Insurance May 2006 Disciplinary Actions
05/30/2006 Professional Regulation April 2006 Discipline Report Available
05/25/2006 Blagojevich Administration Enacts Salon Safety Rules to Prevent Infections
05/18/2006 NOTICE: Division of Banking relocating Chicago offices
05/11/2006 Division of Insurance April 2006 Disciplinary Actions
05/09/2006 Blagojevich Administration Announces New Public Education Program to Protect Illinois Families
05/09/2006 Professional Regulation March 2006 Discipline Report Available
05/08/2006 Division of Insurance Consumer Alert - Flood Insurance Awareness - En Espanol
05/08/2006 Division of Insurance Consumer Alert - Flood Insurance Awareness
04/28/2006 Real Estate Broker Renewal Extended to May 15, 2006
04/28/2006 Blagojevich Administration announces initial results of crackdowns on unlawful mortgage brokerage firms
04/02/2006 Blagojevich Administration Moves to Shut Down Unscrupulous Short-term Lenders
03/30/2006 Professional Regulation February 2006 Discipline Report Available
03/27/2006 Gov. Blagojevich Introduces New Rule To Ensure Women's Access to Presciption Contraceptives After New Tactic To Deny....
03/14/2006 IDFPR orders ISMIE to make changes to reduce rates paid by Illinois doctors
03/13/2006 Illinois Storm Recovery Announcement
03/09/2006 Ohio-Based Auto Insurance Company Ordered To Cease and Desist Illegal Practices
03/06/2006 Division of Insurance February 2006 Disciplinary Report Available
03/03/2006 Medical Malpractice Rate Increase Hearing Scheduled for March 29, 2006 with Professional Solutions Insurance Company - Cancelled
02/28/2006 Professional Regulation January 2006 Disciplinary Report Available
02/10/2006 IDFPR Files New Consumer Protection Rules under Consumer Installment Loan Act
02/03/2006 IDFPR Fines Payday Lender 427,500/Day for Failure to Track Loans
01/30/2006 Real Estate Disciplines Available for October - December 2005
01/27/2006 IDFPR Selects Pilot Area for Landmark Consumer Home Loan Protection Law
01/17/2006 State Begins Licensing Certified Public Accountants
01/17/2006 Emergency Rule on HB 4050 Predatory Lending Pilot Program

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