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The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation news page provides access to the department's news and press releases. State of Illinois

 2008 News Releases
12/31/2008 IDFPR November Discipline Report
12/29/2008 Illinois Division of Insurance Once Again Accredited By National Association of Insurance Commissioners
12/24/2008 State Reminds Consumers to Avoid Insurance Problems During the Holidays
12/22/2008 Governor Blagojevich Reminds Consumers to Avoid Predatory Installment and Title Loans
12/09/2008 Consumer Bulletin - AIG
12/08/2008 Division of Banking November 2008 Regulatory Report
12/01/2008 IDFPR October Discipline Report
11/24/2008 Mortgage Fraud Task Force Moves to Protet Tenants from Eviction
11/15/2008 Governor Blagojevich Encourages Illinois Seniors to Apply for Illinois Cares Rx
11/07/2008 Division of Banking October 2008 Regulatory Report
10/27/2008 Governor Blagojevich Announces License Streamline Initiative Saves Time and Reduces Errors
10/24/2008 State Regulators Move to Strengthen Rules on Title Loans
10/16/2008 State Regulators Issue Conditional Renewal of Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.
10/10/2008 National Bank Acquires All the Deposits of Meridian Bank, Eldred Illinois
10/03/2008 Division of Banking September 2008 Regulatory Report
09/29/2008 IDFPR August Discipline Report
09/18/2008 State Regulators Urges Families to Conduct Comprehensive Review of Finances
09/18/2008 AIG Insurance Customers Protected by Illinois Laws
09/10/2008 Division of Banking August 2008 Regulatory Report
09/05/2008 IDFPR July Discipline Report
08/25/2008 IDFPR Requests Applications for Grants to Promote Financial Literacy
08/20/2008 IDFPR Requires State Loan Servicers to Respond to Questionnaire
08/20/2008 Governor orders statewide sweep for compliance with anti-predatory lending law
08/14/2008 Mortgage Fraud Task Force takes action against Oak Brook Terrace Mortgage Broker
08/06/2008 Division of Banking July 2008 Regulatory Report
07/31/2008 IDFPR June Discipline Report
07/24/2008 Mortgage Fraud Task Force takes action against massive mortgage fraud ring
07/23/2008 Governor offers new protection for Illinois borrowers
07/16/2008 IDFPR Suspends License of Chicago Area Physician
07/10/2008 Division of Banking June 2008 Regulatory Report
06/30/2008 IDFPR May Discipline Report
06/26/2008 Governor urges banks to ease loan requirements during flood recovery
06/25/2008 Illinois to participate in national summit on nursing shortage
06/25/2008 Chicago Currency Exchanges Closed
06/19/2008 Governor orders 60-day moratorium on insurance cancellations for policyholders impacted by storms and record floods
06/12/2008 SB1167 Update! (Illinois Anti-Predatory Lending Database Program)
06/12/2008 Division of Banking May 2008 Regulatory Report
06/09/2008 Tornado Damage Recovery Resources
05/30/2008 IDFPR April Discipline Report
05/06/2008 Division of Banking April 2008 Regulatory Report
04/30/2008 IDFPR March Discipline Report
04/16/2008 Governor Applauds Senate Committee Action on Landmark Homeowner Protection Legislation
04/04/2008 Governor announces launch of Physician Profile Website, new tool to help health care consumers make informed decisions when selecting providers
04/09/2008 Division of Banking March 2008 Regulatory Report
04/01/2008 Governor Applauds Homeowner Protection Legislation Introduced in Senate
04/01/2008 National Insurance Settlement Terms Being Met
03/28/2008 IDFPR February Discipline Report
03/27/2008 Governor announces expansion of Illinois' Homeowner Assistance Initiative
03/10/2008 State Regulators File Laser Protection Rule
03/10/2008 Division of Banking February 2008 Regulatory Report
02/28/2008 IDFPR January Discipline Report
02/14/2008 Division of Banking January 2008 Regulatory Report
02/11/2008 Certificates of Insurance Memo to Insurance Companies and Producers
01/31/2008 IDFPR December (2007) Discipline Report
01/22/2008 Crop Rebating Enforcement Initiative
01/16/2008 Unauthorized Medicare Prescription Coverage Sold By Humana Insurance Company
01/14/2008 Governor alerts Illinoisans about the risks of tax refund anticipation loans
01/10/2008 Division of Insurance advises consumers concerning "Stranger/Investor Originated Life Insurance" (STOLI) arrangement
01/07/2008 Division of Banking December 2007 Regulatory Report
01/02/2008 IDFPR November (2007) Discipline Report

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