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If you feel that you're a victim of Mortgage Fraud, please call 1-844-768-1713 or click the image above to send an email.



IDFPR is unwavering in its mission to protect Illinois consumers. One of its primary responsibilities is regulating the mortgage industry to make sure homeowners are treated fairly.

Through its various proactive initiatives, IDFPR has taken a leadership role to ensure we seek out predators in the mortgage industry, as well as help those who have suffered in the widespread economic effects of the housing market


Mortgage Relief Project


Governor Quinn has established the Mortgage Relief Project to help you take advantage of new government programs that can help you lower your mortgage payments, avoid foreclosure and keep your home. Click here for information about the project and events you can attend.

Contact the Department at for more information.

  Mortgage Fraud Task Force  
  Winner of the 2010 Investigative Excellence Award from the national association of state regulators, the Mortgage Fraud Task Force (MFTF) was formed in 2006 to investigate and stop mortgage fraud. Since its inception, the MFTF has taken disciplinary action against more than 100 persons and entities and assessed fines in excess of $2 million. MORE>>>  
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