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Home Inspector Disciplines - 2004

The following are summaries of recent disciplines regarding home inspector licenses. These are only summaries of the disciplines. For brevity, the summaries may not include all of the facts upon which a discipline was based, or all of the specific conditions of discipline. Accordingly, these summaries should not be relied upon as a comprehensive statement of the discipline in a given case, nor should they be exclusively relied upon as precedent as to how similar cases may be handled.

NOTE: Disciplines regarding home inspector licenses include. (1) reprimand (2) probation for a period with various possible conditions, (3) suspension for a period (this kind of suspension allows for restoration of the license at the end of the suspension period without the requirement that the licensee file a Petition for Restoration), (4) indefinite suspension for a period (this kind of suspension requires that the licensee file a Petition for Restoration, no earlier than at the end of the indefinite suspension period, to gain restoration of the license), (5) revocation, (6) termination, (7) refusal to renew a license, and (8) in the case of applicants, refusal to issue a license. The Division may also assess a fine not to exceed $10,000 per licensee as a result of a Formal Hearing.


Michael Peters, June 18, 2004

The home inspector license of Michael Peters was terminated for failure to rectify a dishonored check that had been tendered to OBRE.

Vernon Hills:

Mariusz Klus, June 21, 2004

Mariusz Klus, an applicant for a home inspector license, was permanently barred from the licensed home inspector profession in Illinois for violating the rules govering the license exam by using a foreign piece of paper during the exam to write down questions and answers.

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