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Home Inspectors - State Law Requires Illinois Home Inspector License

State Law Requires Illinois Home Inspector License

The Illinois Home Inspector License Act was adopted to protect the public from unknowledgeable or incompetent inspectors. The law requires that all licensed inspectors meet minimum competency by completing core education and successfully passing an examination. Below are significant points regarding the licensing provisions, including when a license is required and penalties for failing to comply with the Home Inspector License Act.

  •   A Home Inspector is a person who directly or indirectly performs home inspections for another and for compensation.
  •   A Home Inspection is an examination of the exterior and interior components of residential real property. This   includes the examination of at least 2 of the following:
    •  Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system;
    •  Plumbing system;
    •  Electrical system;
    •  Structural composition;
    •  Foundation;
    •  Roof;
    •  Masonry structure; or
    •  Any other residential real property component as established by rule.
  •  It is illegal for a person, including an entity, to act, engage, develop, practice or advertise as a home inspector without  a proper home inspector license issued under the Illinois Home Inspector License Act. A person who violates this is  guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
  •  It is illegal for a person to use the term "home inspector" or any title that would create the impression that the person  is licensed as a home inspector without a proper license. A person who violates this is guilty of a Class A  misdemeanor.
  •  The requirements for a home inspector license include:
    • Application to the Division of Professional Regulation (DPR) on provided forms accompanied by the required fee;
    • Minimum age of 21;
    • Evidence of a high school diploma or equivalent course of study as determined by the Illinois State Board of  Education (i.e. GED);
    • Pass a DPR authorized exam;
    • Proof of prerequisite classroom hours of instruction in home inspection from a  DPR approved provider before taking the exam.
  •  A license is required for every home inspection entity, e.g. corporation, legal partnership. If the entity is a corporation,  Articles of Incorporation shall be submitted along with the application and required fee.
  •  Any person who violates the Licensing Provisions of the Act is subject to criminal prosecution, assessment of a  civil penalty not to exceed $10,000, a temporary restraining order and permanent injunction.

The complete Act, Rules and "Frequently Asked Questions" may be found here. License Applications, Examination Candidate Handbook, list of education providers and License Look Up may also be accessed at the website listed above.

Licensed real estate brokers, salespersons or other licensees engaging in the practice of referring clients or customers to particular home inspectors have an obligation to ensure that the inspectors with whom they have a business relationship are licensed. Aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of home inspection may subject one's license to discipline.

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