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Timeshare Disciplines

NOTICE: Only disciplines up to February 2008 will be reflected here.

Please click here to view discipline actions created after February 2008.

Publishable disciplines include reprimand, suspension, probation, revocations and fines not to exceed $25,000 per each violation.  Non-published sanctions include Administrative Warning Letters and Administrative Supervision which may be offered with or without conditions.

Note:  The following is a summary of recent disciplinary actions imposed by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. For brevity, some of the facts and conclusions may have been edited out. Because these are summaries only, and because each case is unique, these summaries should not be relied on as precedent as to how similar cases may be handled.


Orlando, Florida:

Licensed Real Estate Services, Inc. (formerly known as Century 21 Vacation Properties, Inc.) and Vacations Only, Inc. September 23, 2005
Respondents were each assessed a $5,000.00 civil fine for engaging in the unlicensed/unregistered practice of timeshare sales agents and timeshare resale agents.


Matteson, IL:

American Resorts International Holiday Network, Ltd. November 30, 2006
The Developer registration was refused issuance or renewal for a minimum period of one year, and a $10,000.00 civil fine was assessed, based on allegations set forth in a six count Formal Complaint.

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