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(Guidelines for schools who wish to offer approved courses via the Internet).

In order for distance education programs to be approved they must meet the needs of the students who are remote from the instructor. Distance education programs must offer the same commitment given in the classroom method of delivery.

Students must be provided with complete information on the nature and the specifics of the distance education program. Because the courses involve technologies, it is imperative that complete definitions and specifications are made available to the students in a complete information packet.

The information provided needs to cover all the information that is typically provided to a traditional classroom student. In addition, the material must address the special requirements that the distance education course requires.

It is the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation's policy that a student enrolled in a distance education program must receive the following information prior to beginning a course:

Faculty contact information (telephone, e-mail, voicemail, address, etc.)

Homework assignments

Testing information (sites, proctors, etc.)

Any broadcast schedules, class schedules, etc.

List of student material required (software, specialized Internet services, etc.)

Grading and course credit information

Distance site locations

Procedures for missed technology sessions

Resource information


Toll free numbers

Registration and withdrawal periods


ADA information (includes special needs)

Mailing procedures

Technology support services available to students

Completion and assignment time lines

Issuance of certificates of completion to students upon completion of program

 Student Support Services

Distance education often needs to provide a range of informational and advising processes to serve diverse students in distance education classes. The important student-instructor relationship in distance education should be established at the beginning of each course.

Reporting Procedures

Internet programs are subject to the same reporting procedures presently in place.

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