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09/03/2015 Booth Currency Exchange, Inc. II Notice of Order
12/09/2014 26th and Central Park Currency Exchange, Inc. Revocation Order &
Attention customers of the following suspended or revoked currency exchanges:
05/07/2013 Little Village Currency Exchange Suspension
05/07/2013 New Elston Damen & Fullerton Currency Exchange, Inc. Revocation
08/24/2012 Chicago Avenue Currency Exchange, Inc. Suspension
08/16/2012 55th & Ashland Currency Exchange, Inc. Revocation
08/16/2012 55th & Damen Currency Exchange, Inc. Revocation
09/16/2009 Springfield Currency Exchange, Inc.  Revocation
04/02/2009 59th & Wentworth Currency Exchange, Inc. Suspension
04/02/2009 Armitage Kedzie Currency Exchange, LTD Suspension
04/02/2009 Write-On Currency Exchange, Inc. Suspension
01/15/2009 Rosemont Currency Exchange, Inc Suspension
10/16/2008 5th-Lake Currency Exchange, Inc. Suspension
09/30/2008 Diversey Kedzie Currency Exchange, Inc. Suspension
07/15/2008 Springfield Currency Exchange, Inc. #2 Suspension
04/25/2008 Belmont Clark Currency Exchange, Inc. Suspension
04/25/2008 Lincoln Belmont & Ashland Currency Exchange, Inc. Suspension
04/25/2008 North Ave. Ashland Currency Exchange, Inc. Suspension
If you purchased a money order from one of these locations that is returned to you "Refer to Maker" or if you paid a utility bill at one of these locations that was never credited, please call the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Financial Institutions, Currency Exchange Section immediately at 312-814-5153 for assistance.
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