Architecture Licensing Board

The first Architect Act enacted on June 3, 1897 was the first licensing law in the nation.

Architecture was included in the scope of the agency upon its creation in 1917. The Board is

composed of six members appointed by the Secretary consisting of four architects with at least

ten years of active practice, one architect who is a tenured member of the architectural faculty of

an Illinois public university accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board, and one

public member. The practice of architecture includes the offering of professional services, such

as consultation, environmental analysis, feasibility studies, programming, planning, etc., in

connection with the construction of any private or public building, building structure, building

project or addition or alteration or restoration. The Board is charged with providing curriculum

evaluation, conducting oral interviews, advising on disciplinary matters and providing expert

advice and knowledge on professional conduct and performance.

Michael J. Andrejasich Champaign

Richard B. Cook Evanston

Dina A. Griffin Chicago

Pukhraj Jain, Public Member Springfield

Steven H. Pate Crystal Lake

* James K. Zahn North Barrington

* Chairperson

Last Updated: August 3, 2015

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