Board of Dentistry

Dentists were one of the first professions regulated by the Department upon its creation in 1917.

Dental hygienists were added in 1945 and dental specialists in 1947. The practice of dentistry means

the healing art which is concerned with the examination, diagnosis, treatment planning, and care of

conditions within the human oral cavity and adjacent tissues and structures. The Board is made up of

eleven members appointed by the Secretary, consisting of eight licensed dentists, two licensed dental

hygienists, and one public member. The Board is charged with making recommendations to the

Secretary in establishing guidelines for professional conduct, conducting of formal disciplinary

proceedings brought under the Act, and establishing guidelines for qualifications of applicants. The

Board may also make recommendations regarding rule making for implementation of the Act.

Peter D. Chemello DDS Palatine

William G. Flick DDS, MPH Chicago

Barry T. Glass Esq., Public Member Chicago

Rand F. Harlow D.D.S. Oak Park

Kathy Heiar R.D.H. Milan

Dennis E. Manning D.D.S. Ivanhoe

Nicholas E. Panomitros DDS, JD Chicago

Alpa T. Patel D.D.S. Lisle

Timmothy J. Schwartz D.D.S. Pekin

Vicki L. Snell RDH, EdM Edwardsville

* Mary A. Starsiak D.D.S. Chicago

* Chairperson

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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