Board of Environmental Health Practitioners

The Environmental Health Practitioner Practice Act was signed into law in 1991. Environmental health

practice deals with milk and food sanitation, protection and regulation of private water supplies, private

waste water management, domestic solid waste disposal practices, institutional health and safety, and

consultation and education in these fields. The Board is made up of five members appointed by the

Secretary consisting of three licensed environmental health practitioners, one public health

administrator, and one public member. The board is charged with providing expert knowledge and

advice on disciplinary matters and professional performance and conduct as well as making

recommendations on qualifications and examinations for applicants.

David R. Banaszynski Huntley

Antoinette Corona Maryville

Margaret C. Leonard, Public Member Niantic

Kenneth Pannaralla Hickory Hills

* Walter P. Saraniecki La Grange

* Chairperson

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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