Board of Nursing

Nurses came under the jurisdiction of the Department upon its creation in 1917. The regulatory

Act includes both "practical", "registered" and "advanced practice" nurses within its scope and

includes nursing in all of its specialties. The Board of Nursing has thirteen members appointed

by the Secretary, consisting of four advanced practice nurses, three nursing educator

representatives, two registered nurses, one licensed practical nurse, one nursing administrator,

one nurse and one public member. The Board's duties include making recommendations on the

adoption of revisions to the rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of the Act,

conducting hearings and disciplinary conferences upon charges calling for discipline of a

licensee, and recommending approval or denial of nursing education programs.

Lori R. Anderson Caledonia

Veronica Armouti J.D., Public Member Edwardsville

Susan Emberson Fisher

Judith K. Hopkins Joliet

Sandra L. Kubala Elk Grove Village

* Joan L. Libner Park Ridge

Jean M. Mau DNP Rolling Meadows

Marjorie A. Maurer Downers Grove

Catherine Miller Ed.D. Bloomington

James Pedraza Jr. Chicago

Andrea K. Perkins Athens

Gayle L. Riedmann Oak Park

Julio E. Santiago Lemont

* Chairperson

Last Updated: August 3, 2015

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