Physical Therapy Licensing and Disciplinary Board

Physical therapists became regulated between 1951 and 1952. Physical therapy is the treatment or

evaluation of a person by the use of effective properties of physical measures such as heat, cold, light,

water, radiant energy, electricity, sound and air; the use of therapeutic massage, exercise and

mobilization; and the rehabilitative procedures for preventing, correcting or alleviating a physical or

mental disability. The Committee is made up of seven members appointed by the Secretary,

consisting of six actively practicing physical therapy and one public member. The Committee is

charged with providing expert knowledge and advice on disciplinary matters and professional

performance and conduct.

Diane M. Davis P.T. Chicago

Kiran A. Desai, Public Member Springfield

Ricardo A. Fernandez Ph.D., P.T. Orland Park

Tina Frank P.T. Highland

Greg Monson P.T. Moline

* Patricia Y. Naylor P.T. Springfield

Barbara J. Sullivan P.T. Dahinda

* Chairperson

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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