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    Sometimes, a licensee isn't registered under the name you expect (Robert vs Bob or a first name rather than the middle name they go by).

    Licensees may not be registered under the profession you expect - some profession types may be registered as a Professional Service Corporation rather than the profession itself. Some of the professions such as medical, accounting, etc., may fit this example.

    When searching for a business, be sure to enter the name in the "Legal Business Name" blank rather than First or Last Name.

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Status Definition
Active may practice
Cancelled may not practice
Chaperone Required can only practice with a chaperone present
Closed may not practive
Deceased deceased license
Expired may not practice
Inactive may not practice
Inoperative may not practice
Non Sufficient Fund Check submitted NSF Fund; may practice until terminated/revoked/suspended
Non Sufficient Fund Terminated may not practice
Not Renewed may not practice
Probation must practice within guidelines/restrictions of Order
Refuse to Renew may practice till renewal date/then cease practice
Relinquish may not practice
Revoked may not practice
Suspended may not practice
Terminated may not practice

Definitions of Enforcement Actions

*URGENT NOTICE* Until further notice please be aware that the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is in the process of moving all of the data from one database to a new database and because of this some of the reasons of disciplinary actions may temporarily not be available. The department is working diligently on moving this information and thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Reprimand - A reprimand is an official record that the license has been disciplined but typically does not affect the status of the license or the licensee's ability to practice. In some instances the Department will specify conditions the licensee must follow which would not require any ongoing monitoring by DPR.

Probation - Professionals whose licenses are placed on probation are allowed to continue practicing subject to certain terms and conditions. The conditions imposed as part of an order of probation will vary depending on the circumstances of the case.
Orders of probation will also vary in length, but can be imposed indefinitely. In most cases, the disciplined professional would have to petition the Director of DPR to have an indefinite probation lifted.
During the period of probation, the professional is monitored by the Department's Probation Compliance Unit to ensure all terms and conditions are met.

Suspension - Professionals whose licenses have been suspended cannot practice during the period of suspension. The term of suspension can range from one day to indefinite. In many instances, the period of suspension is followed by probation.
Indefinite suspensions generally specify conditions the disciplined professional must meet in order to petition for reinstatement. Like indefinite probation, the professional must petition the Director of DPR to have an indefinite suspension lifted.

Revocation - Professionals cannot practice with a revoked license. A petition must be filed with the Director of DPRto have a revocation lifted.

Temporary Suspension - Several Illinois practice acts including medical, dental and pharmacy) give the Director of DPR authority to temporarily suspend a professional's license pending a hearing before the appropriate board or committee where the Director finds that a professional licensee's continuation in practice would constitute an immediate danger to the public. A hearing must be held within 15 days of the suspension. Professionals may not practice while temporarily suspended.

Fine - Monetary fines are another remedy available to the Department and are usually issued in conjunction with oneof the above disciplines.