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For Immediate Release:
Monday, August 27, 2009

Notice of Amended Professional Boxing Act

Effective immediately, the Professional Boxing Act has been amended by HB 786.  The following provides a brief synopsis of the changes:

  • Replaces "mixed martial arts" with "full-contact martial arts" and defines it as the use of a singular discipline or a combination of techniques from different disciplines of the martial arts, including, without limitation, full-force grappling, kicking, and striking with the intent to injure, disable, or incapacitate one's opponent.

  • Provides that professional full-contact martial arts contests shall come under the authority of the Act and be regulated by the Department of Financiial and Professional Regulation.

  • Removes provision concerning exemptions.

  • Makes changes to the definition of "amateur", "contest", "judge", "martial arts", "matchmaker", and "person". Defines "amateur full-contact martial arts event". Makes other changes.
  • Requires anyone conducting an amateur full-contact martial arts event to notify the Department in writing of the date, time, and location of the event at least 20 days prior to the event.  A sample notification form is provided at the Department’s website.

  • Provides that amateur full-contact martial arts events be conducted in a manner that provides substantially similar protections for the health, safety, and welfare of the participants and the public as are required for professional events. Failure to comply with this requirement renders the event prohibited and subjects persons to penalties. 

Complete copies of the Act and/or Rules can be found at the following links:

Professional Boxing Act


Administrative Rules

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PHONE:  312/793-6605