Appraisal Administration Division

The Division of Real Estate Professions administers over 90,000 licenses for real estate managing brokers, brokers, and leasing agents, real estate corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and branch offices, real estate pre-license schools, branch schools, instructors and continuing education schools, instructors and courses. The Real Estate Appraisal Administration Division administers approximately 8,000 licenses for appraisers and education providers and courses. In addition, the Division is responsible for the registration and regulation of over 800 Timeshare and Land Sales projects marketed to Illinois residents. The Auction Division administers over 1,600 licenses for auctioneers, auction firms, continuing education schools and courses, and Internet auction listing services. The Home Inspector Section administers over 1,500 licenses for home inspectors, home inspector entities, education providers and courses.

    Calvin Holmes
    Lee Lansford
    Jim Blaydes
    Katie McNally
    Patricia L. McGarr
    Joel Ward
    Michael K. Morris
    Peter Poulos
    Maureen Sweeney
    Anthony J. Uzemack
    Brian Weaver, Real Estate Appraisal Coordinator

    Vice Chairperson

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