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SPRINGFIELD – A bank in Sangamon County has advised that a fraudulent cashier’s check was presented for deposit.  The Remitter was identified only as “Proceeds,” the payee as “Norvin Bowman,” and the amount was $2,000.

The fraudulent cashier’s check was discovered when a bank employee, while following the bank’s daily Bank Secrecy Act protocol, found that the check number was out of sequence and that the two signatures purportedly on behalf of the issuing bank were names of persons no longer employed there.

Frequently, the emergence of one fraudulent instrument is followed by others, either at the same bank or elsewhere. As a result, the Division of Banking encourages banks to exercise enhanced scrutiny, including, if necessary, contacting the alleged issuing bank for verification, when handling any cashier’s check on behalf of a person with whom the bank is not familiar or that may appear suspicious in any way.