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The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation news page provides access to the department's news and press releases. State of Illinois

 2007 News Releases
12/12/2007 Winter Weather -- What to do about storm damage
12/06/2007 Medicare Prescritpion Plan Open Season runs through December 31
12/02/2007 Governor urges immediate federal action to help homeowners avoid foreclosure
11/20/2007 Division of Insurance issues Company Bulletin to health insurance providers and administrators regarding Ancillary Providers - Reimbursement
11/16/2007 IMPORTANT NOTICE for Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Controlled Substance / Schedule II
11/16/2007 Gov. Blagojevich urges congressional support for Federal Mortgage Reform Act
11/16/2007 Blagojevich Administration officials launch Homeowner Outreach Days
11/14/2007 Division of Banking October 2007 Regulatory Report Available
11/09/2007 Illinois Homeowner Outreach Days
HOTLINE - 800-532-8785
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10/31/2007 IDFPR September Discipline Report
10/17/2007 Illinois Regulators Suspend License of Marion physician
10/16/2007 Governor announces Mortgage Fraud Task Force has shut down mortgage company in DuPage fraud ring
10/03/2007 Division of Banking September 2007 Regulatory Report Available
09/27/2007 Administration cracks down on suburban real estate fraud scheme
09/27/2007 Illinois Regulators Suspend License of Berwyn physician
09/14/2007 Administration Continues to Crackdown on Unscrupulous Lenders
09/07/2007 Division of Banking August 2007 Regulatory Report Available
08/31/2007 IDFPR July Discipline Report
08/23/2007 State Regulators Crack Down on Flea Market Sales of Colored Contact Lenses
08/08/2007 Division of Banking July 2007 Regulatory Report Available
07/31/2007 IDFPR June Discipline Report
07/31/2007 Gov. Blagojevich announces that payday lending reforms have saved Illinois borrowers $20 million
07/24/2007 Blagojevich Administration Partners with UAW Leadership to Offer Consumer Protection Training
07/13/2007 Health Insurance Rules Announced by Governor Blagojevich Now Available
07/12/2007 Gov. Blagojevich uses executive authority to prevent insurance companies from pricing sick people out of their health coverage
07/12/2007 Division of Banking June 2007 Regulatory Report Available
06/28/2007 IDFPR May Discipline Report
06/21/2007 Illinois Regulators Suspends License of Chicago Area Physician
06/01/2007 The Director of the Division of Insurance issues a final Order in matter concerning Christian Care Medi-Share
05/08/2007 Division of Banking May 2007 Regulatory Report Available
06/06/2007 Illinois Physician Disciplinary Rate Improves for Fifth Consecutive Year
05/31/2007 IDFPR April Discipline Report
05/30/2007 Internet Payday Lender Fined More Than $230,000 for Unlicensed Lending in Illinois
05/24/2007 Dr. Riba's Dental Licenses Remain Suspended
05/18/2007 IDFPR licensees notified about computer security issues
05/16/2007 Statement of Findings on the Petition to Increase the Maximum Allowable Rate Currency Exchanges are Allowed to Charge for Check Cashing
05/15/2007 Gov. Blagojevich names new head of Division of Banking
05/08/2007 Division of Banking April 2007 Regulatory Report Available
05/08/2007 Administration Officials take action against massive mortgage fraud ring
04/30/2007 Disciplinary Report for March 2007
04/16/2007 Division of Insurance Cease and Desist Order for Christian Care Medi-Share
04/04/2007 Division of Banking March 2007 Regulatory Report Available
03/30/2007 Division of Professional Regulation and Division of Insurance Disciplinary Report for February 2007
03/21/2007 Gov. Blagojevich announces new rules to help protect homebuyers in Cook County
03/09/2007 Division of Banking February 2007 Regulatory Report Available
03/01/2007 Division of Insurance speed to market life insurance and anniuty policy form filings bulletin effective March 1, 2007
03/01/2007 Division of Professional Regulation and Division of Insurance Disciplinary Report for January 2007
02/23/2007 Gov. Blagojevich alerts Illinoisans about the risks of tax refund anticipations loans
02/01/2007 Division of Banking January 2007 Regulatory Report Available
01/23/2007 Illinois Board of Dentistry Recommends Suspencion of Dental Licenses
01/19/2007 Gov. Blagojevich orders immediate suspension of HB 4050 predatory lending pilot program
01/19/2007 Re-Designation of Pilot Program Area Pursuant to Public Act 94280 (HB4050)
01/08/2007 Division of Banking December 2006 Regulatory Report Available
01/02/2007 Professional Regulation November 2006 Disciplinary Report Available

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