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The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation news page provides access to the department's news and press releases. State of Illinois

 2010 News Releases
12/28/2010 IDFPR November Discipline Report
12/15/2010 State Warns Holiday Shoppers to Remember: Safety First
12/14/2010 Division of Banking November 2010 Regulatory Report
12/14/2010 State presents 9-point plan to fix 'sloppy' foreclosures in Illinois
12/02/2010 Governor Quinn's Mortgage Relief Project Heading to Truman College in Chicago
11/30/2010 IDFPR October Discipline Report
11/24/2010 State Suspends License of Chicago Area Veterinarian
11/24/2010 IDFPR Issues Lifetime Ban Against License of Alleged Ringleader in Mulit-Layered Mortgage Fraud Scheme
11/10/2010 Division of Banking October 2010 Regulatory Report
11/04/2010 State Regulators Work with Springfield Officials to Protect Homeowners
10/29/2010 IDFPR September Discipline Report
10/28/2010 Mortgage Fraud Task Force Investigation Finds Violations by Mortgage Loan Modification Firms
10/22/2010 Financial Literacy Program Brings Financial Benefits
10/13/2010 Division of Banking September 2010 Regulatory Report
10/08/2010 Governor Quinn's Mortgage Relief Project is heading to Chicago's south suburbs to stem Will, Cool foreclosures
09/29/2010 IDFPR August Discipline Report
09/29/2010 Mortgage Company Urged to Suspend Illinois Foreclosures
09/16/2010 Division of Banking August 2010 Regulatory Report
09/15/2010 New Controlled Substance License Applications for Advance Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants Available On-line
09/14/2010 Governor Quinn's Mortgage Relief Project is heading to Chicago's Wright College to curtail area foreclosures
08/30/2010 IDFPR July Discipline Report
08/17/2010 State Fines Payday Loan Stores (PLS) More than $1.1 Million for Failing to Protect Consumer Information
08/05/2010 Division of Banking July 2010 Regulatory Report
07/29/2010 IDFPR June Discipline Report
07/28/2010 Cease and Desist Order Issued Against Unlicensed Real Estate Professional
07/27/2010 Lawyers May Need Licenses to do Loan Modifications
07/19/2010 Mortgage Fraud Task Force Investigation Leads to License Revocation
07/16/2010 IDFPR's Mortgage Fraud Task Force wins the 2010 CLEAR Investigative Excellense Award
07/14/2010 Governor Quinn Signs Bill to Protect Student-Athletes
07/09/2010 Division of Banking June 2010 Regulatory Report
06/30/2010 IDFPR May Discipline Report
06/22/2010 Consumer Installment Lender's License Revoked for Seeking Incarceration to Collect on Loans
06/21/2010 Governor Quinn Signs Law to Protect Individuals Obtaining Consumer Loans
06/14/2010 Division of Banking May 2010 Regulatory Report
06/03/2010 State Regulators Ask for Local Help in Enforcement Efforts
05/28/2010 Governor Quinn's Mortgage Relief Project is visiting Batavia to help stem Fox Valley foreclosures
05/27/2010 IDFPR April Discipline Report
05/27/2010 Tattoo Removal is Serious Business
05/17/2010 Division of Banking April 2010 Regulatory Report
05/11/2010 New Dental Sedation and Pharmacy Access Rules Take Effect
05/06/2010 Governor Quinn's Mortgage Relief Project is visiting Glendale Heights to help stem West Suburban foreclosures
04/28/2010 IDFPR March Discipline Report
04/16/2010 Division of Banking March 2010 Regulatory Report
04/13/2010 Joint Committee Approves New Rules to Increase Access and Protect the Safety of Illinois Health Care Consumers
03/31/2010 IDFPR February Discipline Report
03/16/2010 Governor Quinn's Mortgage Relief Project is visiting Kennedy-King College to help stem Chicago foreclosures
03/08/2010 State's Mortgage Fraud Task Force unravels $7.7 million scheme to defraud lender
03/08/2010 Division of Banking February 2010 Regulatory Report
02/28/2010 State Regulator names Cemetery Oversight Board
02/23/2010 IDFPR January Discipline Report
02/17/2010 Governor Quinn's Mortgage Relief Project is coming to Danville to help stem number of area foreclosures
02/08/2010 Division of Banking January 2010 Regulatory Report
01/28/2010 IDFPR December Discipline Report
01/26/2010 State Regulators Announce Early Results from Sex Offender Match Program
01/21/2010 Governor Quinn Announces Free Tax Preparation Assistance for Working Families
01/17/2010 Governor Quinn Signs Cemetery Oversight Act
01/14/2010 Division of Banking December 2009 Regulatory Report

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