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  1. Access to this site is restricted to participating organizations.

  2. All participating organizations must have been assigned a Business ID Number and Password by the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation (IDFPR). If you do not have this ID and Password, contact IDFPR at 217-785-2115. Please note that you must contact IDFPR if you have changed banks since you last used Ebatch.

  3. Once connected to the IDFPR web page, click on the {E-Batch renewal} icon.
  4. The Instruction Page you see here will appear. After printing the instructions, click on the {Use E-Batch} icon at the bottom of the page. A User ID Screen will appear. After entering the assigned User ID Number and Password (password is case sensitive), click on the {Login} icon.

  5. A Welcome Screen with your organization’s name will appear. The Welcome Screen gives 3 options, Renew a License, Print a Renewal Application or Report on Renewals. When you click on the {Renew a License} Icon, a screen listing the criteria that must be met prior to renewing a professional license will appear. After reading criteria, click on the {Continue} icon at the bottom of the page to proceed to the renewals.

  6. Using the information obtained from the individual licensee’s completed and signed renewal application, enter the licensee’s PIN and license numbers. The renewal information for the licensee will appear. Verify that the information on the screen is correct. If an address change is requested, highlight the entire field being changed and type in the correct information. Using the licensee’s renewal application, verify answers to the child support questions. (Note: the computer has been programmed to provide responses to the child support questions; make sure they agree with the licensee’s answers.)

  7. If the licensee does not have a renewal form, you can print a new renewal form from the IDFPR web site. Using your internet browser’s "back button" go to the Welcome Screen. Click on the {Print a Renewal Application} icon. The licensee’s date of birth, social security number and license number are required. Once printed, the renewal form must be given to the licensee so they can answer the child support questions and sign the form.

  8. Once you have entered all necessary information, click on the {Renew License} Icon to complete the renewal. If all the necessary information has been entered correctly, verification of renewal will appear, and the cost of the renewal will be listed. An expedited license will be sent to the licensee, at the address listed on the system, within a few days .
  9. Note: Certain responses to one or more of the questions asked on the renewal application may prevent renewal of the license through the E-Batch Express Access System. Instructions for renewal of these licenses will be displayed after you click on the {Renew License} Icon. Renewal forms for renewals that cannot be processed through the E-Batch program should be mailed to IDFPR, 320 W. Washington, 3rd floor, Springfield, IL 62786 .

  10. If another license is going to be renewed, click on the {Renew Another License} icon to start the next renewal. You can also return to the main menu to generate a report of licenses renewed by your organization or you can close the web page at this time.

  11. If you want a report of licensees you have renewed, go to the Welcome Screen using your internet browser back button and click on the {Report on Renewals} icon. Specify the dates you want the report to cover and click on the {Search} icon. A report will appear listing each name, license #, date and time renewed, the individual and total fees, and an indicator as to whether there was an information change on a licensee. This report should be used to verify the renewals completed each day as well as the amount of funds to be debited from the account designated by the organization.

  12. The day after entry by the organization, IDFPR automatically initiates a wire transfer for the total amount necessary to cover all renewals filed for the previous day.

  13. The organization may also verify renewal of professionals by using the Express Access License Lookup via the IDFPR web page. (Note: E-Batch renewals will not appear on License Lookup until approximately 5 to 7 days after renewal.)

  14. It is not necessary to mail the individual renewal forms to the Department but we recommend that you retain them for your records.

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