Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who is required to complete a Profile?
Amendments to the Illinois Medical Practice Act require all physicians and chiropractors licensed in Illinois to complete a Profile as part of a public information database maintained by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
2.What if I don’t complete the Profile?
Your participation is mandatory and therefore failure to review, verify and complete your profile could result in fines or other disciplinary action being taken against your license. Additionally, licensees will not be allowed to renew their license in until he/she has completed the profile.
3.Who will able to see the Profile data I enter?
Beginning in 2008, all Profiles may be viewed and printed by the public using a Profile Search link which will be accessible from the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation website.
4.What profile information is required?
Primary office location(s), Hospital Affiliations (if you have any), Medicare acceptance, Medicaid acceptance, Illinois AllKids participation, current Board Certifications, Medical School and Post Graduate Education. All other required profile information, such as full name, license origination date, license status and disciplinary data are retrieved from the DFPR Licensing system and cannot be modified in the Profile.
5.Who do I contact if I need assistance completing my profile?
Contact Physician Profile Services, in writing at 320 W. Washington Street, Springfield, IL 62786, by telephone at 217-558-8270 or via email at
6.What if I don’t know the PIN number requested on the login screen?
If you lost the Profile notification letter from the Department which contained your personal PIN, then you can alternatively login using your Date of Birth or Social Security Number, if they exist in the DFPR system. If you still cannot login to edit your profile, contact Physician Profile Services as indicated above.
7.Do I have to fill out the entire profile at the same time?
No. You have 60 days to complete and verify the required sections of your profile but you may login to review or add to your profile at any time. Click the Save My Changes link at the left side of the screen to save all changes you have just entered before closing the Profile window.
8.How do I Save information in my profile?
Click the Finished and Verified button to continue to the next required profile section OR if you would like to add more entries to the current profile section, click Add New and the previous entry will be saved to the DFPR system. If you are ready to close the Profile window, click the Save My Changes link at the left side of the screen to save all changes you have just entered before closing the Profile window.
9.Will I lose my profile information if I close the Profile window?
Click the Save My Changes link in the menu at the left side of the screen to save all changes you have just entered before closing the Profile window. If you close the Profile window by mistake, access the Profile application again and review your profile to see if you saved all of the data you previously entered.
10.How do I add information to a profile section?
Go to the desired profile section by clicking the Next Required Section link in the navigation menu at the left side of the screen. If you do not see fields in which to enter data, click the Add New Entry for this Section link in the menu at the left side of the screen OR scroll down the page using your mouse or by pressing the Page Down key on your computer keyboard.
11.Can I enter more than one practice location?
Yes. Choose the Add New Entry for this Section link on the left side of the screen to save any data you have entered and add another practice location.
12.What if my practice address has changed?
You may login to review or update your Profile at any time.
13.Can I remove data that I have previously entered in my profile?
Yes. You may remove any data that you previously entered in your profile by logging in to update your profile and going to that profile section. Select the entry/row in the list of data for that profile section at the bottom area of the page. Click the Delete button below the data list to permanently remove that data from your profile.
14.How do I know how many characters can be entered in a data entry field?
Data entry fields are generous in length but will only allow you to enter the number of characters which can be stored in the system. If you are unable to add more characters to an entry, you have reached the maximum length for that particular entry.
15.Can I Print my Profile?
Yes. If your system is attached to a printer, you may click the Print My Profile link in the menu at the left side of the screen to choose profile sections to print and send a printer-friendly Profile to your printer.
16.Can I access and complete the Profile from any computer?
You can access and complete your Profile from any personal computer with an internet browser that has access to the internet.
17.I cannot get into Update my profile. After I click the Secure Login button, the browser attempts to go to the next page but displays an error ...cannot display the webpage. I cannot get past the login page.
This may be an issue for some PCs using Internet Explorer 7 or Windows Vista. The following steps may correct the problem and do not weaken your local PC security settings. Open Internet Exporer. From the menu bar, choose Tools…Internet Options. Select the Advanced tab which is the last tab. Scroll down to the Security settings which is the last group of settings in the list. See if Use SSL 3.0 and Use TLS 1.0 are checked. They need to be checked as pictured here. Select OK to close the options box. Close Internet Explorer. Reopen Internet Explorer and try to browse to the page again. If you are still experiencing the problem, there may be an issue with anti-virus, firewall, security or proxy server settings on your PC which your local computer or network administrator will need to troubleshoot.