Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
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Login to Update My Public Profile

The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has created the Profile internet web site as required by amendments to the Illinois Medical Practice Act (Public Act 097-0280) to provide the public with access to information profiles on all physicians and chiropractors currently licensed in the State of Illinois.

To modify or add to your public profile, enter your License Number and one of the following personal identifiers: the PIN number found on the letter you received regarding the Profile website, your social security number OR your date of birth.
(enter 9 digits like 036-###### OR #########)

Enter one of the personal identifiers below. The identifier you enter must exactly match the data the Department has in its Licensing system in order to login.
Social Security Number: - -

Please read the terms below and then click the Secure Login button to continue.

I affirm that if the information I will be asked to give is not truthful, disciplinary action may be taken against my license. The information I am about to give or answer is true and correct.
Click Secure Login to continue.