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Profession is Roofing Contractor, Licensed

You requested license number: 104-012405

Licensee's Name DBA/AKA License
City, State Original
Issue Date
LEEMON ENTERPRISES INC 104012405ACTIVEUNLIMITED Rossville, IL11/08/199912/31/2019N

Express Access License Look-Up has been approved for use as a primary source for verification by The Joint Commission and the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

NEW FEATURE: If the licensee has multiple licenses with the agency, "Multiple Licenses" will appear below the license number and information about their other licenses is available by clicking on the words "Multiple Licenses".

PLEASE NOTE: If the phrase "Chaperone Required" appears below the license status, the licensee can only practice with a chaperone present. You can click on the words "Chaperone Required" for more information.

If the "Ever Disciplined" column contains a "Y," there has been disciplinary action taken against the license or against an application for a license prior to its issuance. Click on the "Y" to view details of the disciplinary action. The Department regulates various professions and issues many licenses and registrations. As such it is possible that an individual could have a license in more than one profession. License Look-Up is limited to the specific profession you have inquired about. If you wish to view comprehensive reports in Adobe Acrobat format for disciplines that occurred after September 1996, click HERE. The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation publishes a monthly report detailing disciplinary action taken by the Department. Each Disciplinary Report is a listing of all licenses disciplined by the Department within a given month. The information includes the licensee's name, the discipline imposed and a brief description of the reason for the discipline. All Monthly Disciplinary Reports are accurate on the date of issuance or initial date of publication. However, disciplinary actions may be subject to further court orders that may stay, affirm, reverse, remand or otherwise alter Department disciplinary orders. Please note that discipline which has been reversed by court order will not appear in this summary of discipline.

Click here for definitions of the different types of disciplinary actions the Department may impose.

Click here for license status definitions.

NOTE: This license look-up is accurate for the current license status, but due to computer conversions, the original issuance date may be in error. If the issuance date shown is 01/01/1997, this is a computer generated date, not the original issuance date.  For original issuance dates, please contact the Department.