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Real Estate - Continuing Education Core Curriculum

Pursuant to the License Act of 2000, Article 5, Section 5-70(e), the Education Advisory Council's (EAC) has established the following mandatory core curriculum. For more information on CE requirements for renewal see the tab titled "CE Requirements" on the following website:

Provisions for Core Courses A & B  
Core A: Fair Housing, Agency, License Law and Escrow Curriculum  
60 Minutes - Agency
Section 15-5. Legislative intent  
Section 15-10. Relationship between licensees and consumers  
Section 15-15. Duties of licensees representing clients  
Section 15-25. Licensee's relationship with customers  
Section 15-30. Duties after termination of brokerage agreement  
Section 15-35. Agency relationship disclosure  
Section 15-40. Compensation does not determine agency  
Section 15-45. Dual Agency  
Section 15-50. Designated agency  
Section 15-75. Minimum Services & Exclusive brokerage agreements  
45 Minutes - Fair Housing
Civil Rights Act of 1866  
Title VIII Fair Housing Act  
Illinois Human Rights Act  
Illinois Real Estate License Act of 2000  
Protected Classes (including City and County ordinances)  
Discriminatory Practices  
Discrimination in Advertising  
What to do When You Encounter Discriminatory Conduct  
Record Keeping  
30 Minutes - License Law
Recent Amendments to the Real Estate License Act of 2000  
Disciplinary actions/causes not related to escrow  
Employment Agreements and other topics (e.g. ministerial acts and unlicensed assistants)  
15 Minutes - Escrow
Section 1450.750-755. Overview as it applies to initial handling, depositing, maintaining and disbursing; disputes regarding escrow moneys

Section 20-20. Disciplinary actions related to escrow  

Please be advised that providers can continue to offer the CORE A: Agency, License Law and Escrow course, and licensees may earn credit for that course, until the certificate of registration for that CE course expires on June 30, 2014.  While the existing Core A courses may be offered until June 30, 2014, the EAC and the Division of Professional Regulation encourage CE schools to have Core A courses with the new curriculum approved prior to this date in order for the new Core A course to be available as soon as possible for Brokers renewing in 2014.

Core B: Legal Issues
A 3-hour course satisfying the Core B requirement shall provide instruction on one or more topics included in the broad category of "Legal Issues." The Real Estate Education Advisory Council intends to provide flexibility to licensed CE schools determining the specific topics included within 3-hour courses satisfying the Core B requirement. The following list sets forth, without limitation, examples of topics that are acceptable for Core B instruction.  
Mortgage fraud  
Short Sales and Foreclosures  
Federal laws and regulations affecting real estate, including, but not limited to, those governing:  
Fair housing
Do-Not-Call, Junk Fax Protection, Can Spam, etc.
Disclosure (e.g., lead paint, other environmental)
MARS disclosure requirements
Illinois, county and municipal laws and regulations affecting real estate, including, but not limited to, those governing:  
Fair Housing (e.g., Illinois Human Rights Act)
Disclosure (e.g., residential real property disclosure, radon, other environmental)
Leases and landlord-tenant issues
Property management
Enforcement cases  
Office policies addressing legal issues  
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