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Tips For Easy Use

  • Print these instructions so you will have them for reference as you complete your renewal
  • Use your internet browser's Back key to return to a previous page
  • No changes will be applied to your record unless your renewal is completed
  • VISA, Master card and Discover are accepted. (Please note that no credit card information is retained by IDFPR.)
  • A convenience fee will be added to the cost of your license renewal which pays for the vendor processing costs
  • All fees are non refundable

  1. In order to renew your license you must provide your license number and one of the following identifiers: your date of birth, or your social security number, or the PIN number found on your printed renewal application.
  2. When your social security number appears on the screen, verify that it is correct. You may correct your social security number, if necessary; you must complete your renewal in order for changes to be made to IDFPR's permanent records.
  3. When your name and address information appear on the screen, verify that the information is correct. Follow screen instructions to make address changes; you must complete your renewal in order for changes to be made to IDFPR's permanent records.PLEASE NOTE: in order to change your name, you must renew by mail.
  4. All questions must be answered. If your answers are in compliance with statutory requirements for your profession, you will be allowed to renew.
  5. On the Payment Form, please fill in the name and address information as it appears on the credit card statement; the information will be verified by the credit card company. The cost of the renewal will be shown. Please note that there is an additional 2.35% service fee (minimum fee is $1.00) for renewing by credit card. This additional fee pays the credit card vendor processing costs.
  6. Once you have entered all necessary information, click on the {Submit Renewal Fee} Icon to complete the renewal; this will send a payment request to the credit card company. If all the necessary information has been entered correctly and the card is valid, your renewal will be processed. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address listed on the Department system within a few days with instructions on printing your license.
    Note: Certain responses to one or more of the questions asked on the renewal application may prevent renewal of the license through the online credit card system.
  7. If you cannot renew online, you must renew by mail. If you do not have a copy of your renewal application, you may print it from the internet. Click here to return to the renewals page; select your profession and then click on the print icon. If you have questions or want a printed copy mailed to you, contact IDFPR at 1-800-560-6420 or mail your request to IDFPR, 320 W. Washington, 3rd floor, Springfield, IL 62786. If you have a Real Estate License Renewal question please call 1-800-560-6420.